About Us 

Our Mission

Matthew 28:18-20

To make devoted followers for Christ, win the lost, and take the Good News about Jesus to our communities and the world!

Our vision

To build believers to spiritual maturity!

our pastors:
Pastor Gershon Kallon
Gershon Kallon

Founder and Lead Pastor

Pastor Gershon Kallon is a worshiper who is the product of God's grace, and unconditional love; And the product of continuous prayer, love and support from his covenant friends and family. His heart and passion is to live a life of intimacy with God, to minister to people through outreach and the spreading of the gospel of Jesus, and to build and disciple Gods people through relationships, accountability and the Word! What Pastor Gershon and His team of Co-laborers envision for T.P.D.C. is First, a body of believers being built up in their faith In Christ; Built up in every area of their lives; and sent Out into every mans world to be the church without walls; To be the mobile Church!


He envisions the planting of Turning Point Destiny Centers Locally and Worldwide. Destiny Centers where the Lost can be won, where Disciples can be made, and where the Gospel of Christ will be preached. Destiny Centers where the youth can turn to and be ministered to; Where the needs of the local community and its people are met; and Where believers can fellowship and worship together with each other. Pastor Gershon Kallon is the Founder of Turning Point Destiny Center and serves as its lead pastor and Co-labors alongside of his wife Isabel and their team of Co-laborers who have been instrumental in the founding and Vision of T.P.D.C. and its operations.

Isa and Gershon Kallon
Isabel Kallon

Co-Laborer of T.P.D.C.